Dennis Yu is an interesting target for boosted posts!

You know my new-found love for boosted posts.

One of my complaints has been that core audience targeting hasn’t been available in this streamlined interface. There are fewer options.

And even within the interest targeting, options you’d find in precise targets aren’t here.
For example, you can select Infusionsoft in the Ads Manager, but it’s not in the boost post targeting.
The same is true for targeting Mari Smith.

They’re just not there.

So imagine my surprise when I could target my colleague, Dennis Yu, in a boosted post:

People ask me all the time what governs whether interest will show up or not as an option.
Nobody really knows, not even the folks at Facebook. Or perhaps they won’t tell us.

But I do know that size of the audience is a general proxy. Dennis has close to 5,000 people as an interest, which doesn’t necessarily align with fan count. His public figure page has only 1,200 fans.

And back in 2009, we were able to target Dennis Yu, but then the option disappeared for a bit.

The same is true for workplace targeting since we were once able to target Content Factory, but perhaps it’s too small now. We can’t target folks who work at Infusionsoft, but can for Marketo, Facebook, Google, and so forth.

Have you tried targeting your friends?

You could go gray hat and upload their Facebook user IDs as custom audiences.

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