How Business Insider creates decent Facebook videos with ease

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Posted by Business Insider onĀ Sunday, July 5, 2015

Here is an organic video from Business Insider, a publisher of broad-ranging content that uses BuzzFeed-like techniques.
Better content and not as far as the link-baiting spectrum, so a good player to watch to see what social sharing tactics are working.

This video is a listicle (an article that is a list of things), which is the easiest to create.
Take any existing article you have (a top ten list, for example), associate one picture per item, and turn it into a video.

Instead of posting the entire video to Facebook, have the first 20 seconds be native and make the call the action at the end like this:

If you’ve done a good job in making the video super interesting, you’ll get the follow-on click to your site.
Facebook recently changed a video view to be counted as at least 10 seconds, up from just 3 seconds.
So make the video just long enough to be super interesting, but not long enough that the drop-off hurts you.

If you do a good job, you’ll get 25% of viewers to click through.

In this case, Business Insider is using their own URL shortener, but you could link directly or use, too.

Look in your video analytics in Facebook insights and compare it with your Google Analytics.

Then you can see this funnel:

impression > view > Facebook reported click > bitly click > Google Analytics visit > conversion

Pro tips:

  • You’ll need sitewide SSL on your site to measure referral traffic from Facebook.
  • Set up URL parameters in your call to action link so you can track it as a campaign.
  • Amplify this post with ads at a dollar a day.
  • Make sure you have conversion tracking in Facebook and Google enabled so you can see if viewers took further action.
  • Have remarketing in place (Google and Facebook) so you can show follow-on videos and articles in sequence to these viewers.
  • Get a FancyHands, Fiverr, or student to do this at $20 a pop to help you assemble your listicles (then turned into a video) and execute this process.

If you have your plumbing in place, then you’ll methodically be able to drive engagement traffic (like this) sequentially to conversion.

In other words, have multiple nurturing steps by delivering content via email, Facebook, and otherwise to an eventual conversion.

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