How to complain and get your way effortlessly

Hotwire make a mistake in my reservation.
Hey, service failures happen and customer service managers have attitude.

But this post is not about that– it’s about how to get your way without the stress of going round and round.

Here’s what happened, if you’re interested.

What matters is when you need to influence a few key people to take action.
It can be by shaming them, using peer pressure, or via copious praise– depending on the situation.

This tactic using Twitter ads is a derivation of the “dollar a day” tactic that has worked thousands of times for us over the last 8 years.

First, create a tweet referencing a link that explains what happened and what you want.

Next, look at the executives of the company you want to target.
I happen to like Bloomberg to get the Board of Directors, but use whatever you like:

Then within the Twitter ads interface, enter these names and keywords:

Select that organic tweet for your ad campaign:

Now whenever any of those names are mentioned on Twitter, your tweet shows up.

Run a budget of a dollar a day for 10 days, bidding 10 cents per engagement.
Don’t worry that Twitter says your bid is too low.

Sit back and let the social network do the work for you!

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