Eyewitness account of a dog attack

Logan Young: victim #1
Dennis Yu: victim #2
Joe Merkel: witness
Geoff Bartlett: attack dog owner
Regarding the dog attack from my point of view (Joe Merkel):
I was on the laptop, on the couch. Suddenly, Logan’s leaving. I just barking and growling, all that. I look over; this dog- I’ve never seen this dog before- coming into our apartment. Kid was with the dog, coming in. I see the dog lock on Sydney’s ear.
The kid and Logan were trying to, obviously, break up the dog fight. Shortly after which, Dennis came out and- to intervene- and see what was going on, as well.
So I- I couldn’t- I was already amidst a panic attack so I left on the back porch and I still hear growling, barking, and what not; and then, when it started to calm down, I came back in.
They were cleaning up dog feces and urine and also blood. Logan,shortly after, passed out presumably due to loss of blood- I actually did not, first-hand, see his injury.
And I was told to give the dog a bath and I did… [give] Sydney a bath. So when I got done with that, I came out. There was blood on the floor near the couch close to where I was sitting initially when this all occured.
There was some feces near the island in the kitchen, blood on the counter and on the floor near the fridge. Some blood on the door.. door handle for Dennis’s bedroom. In fact, let me check that right now.
*opens door*
Yeah, there’s some on the other side as well. Uhh, presumably feces on the carpet as far as I can tell, and some urine on the bed sheets. And… yeah, I’m trying to make sure I’m not forgetting anything. That’s basically what I saw.
[What I forgot: I cleaned up most of the blood and feces before recording. Wasn’t yet thinking straight. I also noticed blood, afterward, on the main door handle to the apartment.]
Logan, buddy, I’m so sorry that happened to you and I’m sorry I didn’t intervene. I freeze up in situations like that. I hope you’re doing alright.

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