I don’t get paid enough and my job sucks

My boss constantly chases me down, wondering where I am or what I’m doing.
But that’s because I’m not motivated– and once I get a raise, I then might consider starting to work again.
I complain that I don’t know what’s going on in the company, but I’m also not around to listen and don’t read any of the updates.
And I spend my time whining– especially with other employees– since I want them to agree with me. I figure that if there are a bunch of people who are unproductive and complaining, then I’m safe, as are all of them.
So instead of working, I dwell on all the excuses for why it’s not my fault and why I’m underpaid.
Meanwhile, my co-workers and managers are having to do my job for me.
I’ve never managed a team before, but I feel confident in dispensing my unsolicited adviceĀ on how to manage a company.
And while I may be fired for not doing my job, I’ll claim that it was personal reasons.
I’ll start my own company and later find out how hard it really is.
But then it’s too late to come back with humility, so I think.

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