Want to know the #1 reason why your products and services fail?

Because you aren’t starting with empathy.

When you show you care about people– not as a marketing ploy designed by a fancy New York ad agency– you’re showing you understand their pain.

And when they know you can relate to their situation, and have a clear solution to their problem, then they’re in a position to buy from you.

When you share your WHY story (via a one-minute video), you’re demonstrating you can relate, have the expertise, and can solve their problem.

And only then can you talk about the features and benefits. Most businesses go straight to selling on price, features, and technical specs– failing because they don’t earn trust first.

They want to know that every marketing dollar is driving sales– sounds reasonable enough. But they’re unwilling and unaware that they have to build sequences that start from empathy and then sequence through to a sale.

Do you have that initial ingredient and have you set up digital plumbing to track the ROI from it?

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