DOUBLE your prices.

That’s how you’ll overcome challenges with your agency, even if you don’t improve your actual delivery.

At a higher price point, you get a better customer.

And the less they pay, the more they expect– pros will tell you this is true.

Say no to potential clients asking you for a discount or saying they can’t afford it– you’ll save yourself and them headaches later.

By doubling your prices, you select people whose time is valuable.

And that means they treat your time as super valuable.

For years, I competed on price– why not, right?

And I said I loved to help small businesses– don’t want to look like a snob, right?

But if you want to have happy clients, you have to charge enough to do a great job– to have enough for your people and you.

Don’t be afraid to double your prices.

Existing clients that stay will love you more, as you can put more time into them.

And you’ll breathe a big sigh of relief when clients you’ve been holding onto (for whatever reason), are no longer your burden.

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