This boost has done so well that I added another 400 days to the almost 500 days it’s already run.

This post will probably live for years, just like some Google ads have lived over a decade untouched.

Why not let evergreen content continue to deliver royalties for you, like the “greatest hits” from your favorite rock band, though perhaps recorded 20 years ago?

It started out as just a dollar a day for 7 days at a time. And I kept adding and adding to it until having spent $1,600 so far.

Even switched the audiences up depending on the latest conferences speaking or promotion.

I’m doing this in the Pages Manager app, not desktop, not the Ads Manager, and not any of the other places. Many reasons for this.

Think about whether you are wasting your time trying to publish X times per day with new stuff all the time, versus spending 80% of your time curating your “greatest hits”.

I’ll admit that I’m lazy and risk-averse. I prefer this model better!

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