Heart surgery discount– 80% off through Monday at midnight!

Don’t miss out! Get your heart surgery cheaper than anyone else in town. Money-back guarantee!

Why pay full price from the other guys?

I’m so desperate for a new business that I’m hitting up every one I see– even homeless people, pitching my wares.

Even if you don’t need heart surgery or didn’t ask me– I’m willing to give you an 80% discount on my services if you buy right now.

Okay, you think that’s ridiculous?

How many of you are discounting your services– being afraid to charge your worth, since you don’t think people will pay?

How many of you are cold-calling and cold-emailing– which is spamming people that aren’t interested, no matter what you call it?

I get hit up dozens of times per day by people I don’t know, who have no perceived authority (proof that they’re any good)– all peddling their lead gen services.

If their techniques to “10X my business overnight” is the same as what they’re blasting at me– no thank you.

Be an inbound marketer– have awesome clients come you to you (not you begging them), who pay you well, treat you well, and don’t give you headaches.

Learn from Daniel Wallock how to do this.

It’s not a magic secret that depends upon black box algorithms “that successful people don’t want you to know”.

Nor do you need special software, since it’s not about mass blasting or tools that “work while you sleep”.

The answer is a simple process to define your LIGHTHOUSE client– the people and projects you want to attract, based on your demonstrated, documented experience.

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