I have boatloads of Facebook strategy and training guides to give you for free.

No catch and no need to give us your email address. Just grab whatever you want.

Go to yourcontentfactory.com/facebook.

Why do this?

We are building relationships, which start from sharing expertise freely.

Later you will buy EXPRESS packages, based on these exact same checklists, to create employment for the young adults in our program.

From experience, we know that 90% of you won’t implement the tactics- you’re too busy to learn it and mess around, especially when you find out people making $15 an hour or so are already certified to do it.

So the more we share, the more people realize what they don’t know!

And this means certifying agencies, too, so we can create jobs for them, too.

While we do some consulting and keep a few key clients, our strategy is to create demand and then pass it to our trained partners.

We’re here to serve specialists, businesses, and partners!

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