I smile when people say they’re leaving Facebook, complaint about targeting options disappearing, or whining about ad prices going up.

Anything that doesn’t tie to ROI is ultimately a Ponzi scheme– since likes and engagement must translate to trackable sales at some point.

And why would advertisers care about mega-market trends, as opposed to the sales they drive in their own cash registers– since following the herd is rarely a good strategy.

I believe and continue to see validated that marketers just don’t know how to market on Facebook. Then they turn around and complain about Facebook not working or that traffic costs are too high.

20 years ago, I ran my first PPC campaigns and I thought a nickel per click was too high. You know what the average CPCs are now by category.

Why wouldn’t this be the same path for Facebook and all other systems?

If it’s profitable, I’m going to put more money into it– regardless of what the general market trends or pundits have to say.

Similarly, just because everyone else is jumping on the latest social network, I don’t feel compelled to drop what I’m doing and run to and fro in a frenzy.

Call me old-fashioned, I like to stick with the fundamentals– putting in money only after the other folks have wasted their time and money chasing random stuff, to where there is little risk.

We see little risk in Google and Facebook, any more than you feel risk driving your car to work each day– since we are getting “repeatable excellence” from a checklist-driven process.

Everything else is just noise, right?

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