I’ll never call myself an EXPERT at Facebook adså.

It’s not that there’s always more to learn or because I don’t think I’m competent.

Want to know the reason why?

Like Logan Young says, it’s better for others to say it, instead of you having to beat your own chest.

My friend, Ryan Deiss, suggested we call ourselves SPECIALISTS a couple of years back.

And that genius insight has been the winning formula.

Before, we called our people ANALYSTS, which implied that our people could crank on ads and analytics, but didn’t understand video, creative, client strategy, and a host of softer skills.

Our young adults could call themselves SPECIALISTS instead of EXPERTS, even if they had only a few weeks of training.

If you’re working hard on mastering one-minute videos or the one-dollar-a-day strategy, you could say that you’re a specialist doing that, not an EXPERT.

Young or older, we can all say we’re SPECIALISTS and not over-represent.

I used to suck really bad at golf (and I still do), but instead of saying I’m a pro or a beginner, I say that I’m a player.

Recently, there’s been an ego war on who is the best at Facebook ads.

Some of the folks truly are world-class and are red in the face asserting their case.

But the point is not to self-proclaim you’re the best– allow the community to say this for you.

The rest of us are lifelong students, always open to learning new things– we are SPECIALISTS like Ryan Deiss suggested.

What do you call yourself?

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