Pro-tip for getting the most out of your people, if you are a team lead or managing others…

Allow only ONE item to be a high priority at any point in time. Otherwise, that person will be confused.

Other team members may, out of eagerness, declare something high priority for one of your star performers, overriding what you as the leader have said is the true high priority.

They won’t realize that they’re halting work on something you critically need, because they see only their project– everything else is nebulous to them.

So if you are in a situation with multiple people working on multiple projects, beware of friendly fire.

Make sure every project has ONE lead responsible and make sure each person on the team is maintaining their list of priorities- of which only ONE task can be a high priority at any point in time.

If you’ve not experienced this type of friendly fire, consider yourself lucky. For anyone over 20 people or experiencing rapid growth with junior people, you know what I’m talking about!

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