Someone who I respect attacked me on Facebook and this deeply hurt me.

This gentleman claims I’m exploiting 3rd world labor– getting on his moral high horse to publicly deride me without taking time to understand our program.

Our virtual assistants start at $3/hour and move up based on skill. That is a good wage in the Philippines for a digital marketer– one that provides respect and feeds families.

Most of our VAs move up quickly, like G, who has quadrupled his pay in the last 6 months.

How many companies do you know that actively care for their people– to ask for their goals, help them achieve their goals, teach them, buy them things, and even fly out to visit them?

They are humans — not interchangeable parts of a machine.

And we work together with our unique sets of skills to drive success for the client, bringing money back into our program.

While this one gentleman is claiming abuse, like I’m running a sweatshop, you ask our team members what they think.

Below is our how our VA (virtual assistant) program works and pictures of us hanging out in Manila 3 months ago– going to meals together, watching sports events, spending a half day at a spa, playing in the park, and enjoying each other.

Loyalty is so rare today and hate is so common.

The most venomous haters are the self-righteous crusaders, who want to judge and impose their will on you– so confident that they don’t bother to listen or even look.

Please don’t let them win.

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