The amateur digital marketers focus on targeting, while the pros focus on content.

Amateurs focus on bidding and budgets, while pros focus on strategy– their #GCT alignment (goals, content, targeting).

Amateurs like to constantly “turn the knobs” and touch their campaigns every day– which keeps resetting their ad rank.

Amateurs create lots and lots of new ads and are posting content regularly in a “content calendar”, while pros have just a few ads and keep polishing up their Greatest Hits.

Amateur golfers hit drives all day, while the pros focus on their putting.


The former is showy, while the latter is mundane.

The pros rely upon Facebook to do the heavy lifting– handling the targeting, bidding, and low-level details when they set up their campaigns properly.

A simple 3×3 grid campaign structure gives you an #AEC (awareness, engagement, conversion) funnel for you to load up your Greatest Hits, which will continue to produce results for you forever.

Would you trust a surgeon who keeps opening and reopening the patient’s wound– who takes 50 times longer to do surgery and makes 1,000 more cuts? Or who wants to apply some new technique he read about yesterday– for surgery on your loved one?

For your surgery, would you want the surgeon who has focused on the fundamentals for years or the surgeon who keeps switching out their tools every few days and only wants to talk about the latest updates?

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