1/3rd of a penny per like.

Because I’m using the “worldwide” country targeting instead of typing in every single country in the world.

And it’s intersected with fans of Social Media Examiner and Digital Marketer, the two communities that know me best.

The high engagement rate of 40% gives the ad a better cost per engagement and cost per thousand impressions.

So 600 likes for $2 is pretty good to get a boosted post going.

But then there are two things you probably haven’t heard about…

1) I’m boosting a post to an article that tracks share counts. So those like to inflate the share counts on that webpage, even if they don’t go to the article.

2) After the post gets social proof (a few thousand likes for perhaps $20), I then switch the audience to be either a 180-day remarketing audience or a super tight interest audience. This extends our remarketing pools and drives mid-funnel engagement.

Because Facebook shows you specifically who is engaging on the post relative to YOUR friends, they maximize the relevance of your ads.

We’ve been doing this “switch boost” for years, but I don’t see others talking about it for whatever reason.

Who wants to be the first dancer on an empty dance floor? Nobody. So get the fire going with some kindling.

You’re welcome.

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