I asked the CEO of a company of 500,000 employees for advice.

I wanted to know the key to his success and how he’s able to manage that many people, without things falling apart.

I was expecting to hear some “deep strategy” or mind-blowing realization.

Instead, he simply told me to make sure people show up– on time and ready to play.

The fanciest of plans don’t matter if your people don’t show up.

And the #1 frustration I hear from other entrepreneurs is how their people don’t care and don’t think for themselves, leaving the founder to have to micro-manage and solve obvious problems.

Mcdonalds’ is the #1 restaurant in the world because they have a system to get people to show up, on time, and ready to play.

Because people go there for consistency– they know what to expect.

Do you think you have a great brand?

Ask yourself– is your delivery consistent?

Your people will fight you and make all sorts of excuses. But it’s your job to make sure they show up– on-time, and ready to play.

When you have these fundamental, reliable building blocks in place, then you can build what we call “repeatable excellence”– a scalable system of consistent delivery.

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