When all eyes are on you.

The amazing (or scary) part of being a Founder is that you are representing your company 24×7– even if not during “working hours” or in the office.

Yell epithets at the Chick-fil-A drive-through employee, surf porn late at night, or get arrested for drunk fighting– you are representing your company.

That’s proof enough of the power of personal branding.

And some would say that even regular employees or students at a university are representing their organization.

At my high school, some students took trips to buy drugs in South America. It wasn’t a school field trip and it was during holiday breaks (when school wasn’t in session), but they still got expelled for honor code violations.

Look at the increased sensitivity of the general public– to easily be ignited into massive outrage.

It’s not a “Facebook problem” because it’s the underlying appetite of the people. Facebook is like a buffet where many people are getting fat and developing diabetes– because of the choices they are making.

Or perhaps you prefer the cigarette analogy for regulation, which is where governments are headed for social.

My take– Facebook is the gasoline that will ignite whatever you put into the machine– matches, dirty socks, water, or TNT.

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