When Nike hired us, I always wore Nikes.

They’d kick you off campus if you wore Adidas going into a meeting.

When Carl’s Jr. was a client, I ate their Western bacon cheeseburgers all the time.

In Vegas, I try to stay at MGM-owned properties, to honor the client.

Not just because they are a client, but because I have been a fan and am still a fan.

I’m wearing Nikes right now, even though we completed our analytics and ads project a couple of years ago.

When you use your clients’ products, you become a better marketer, because you see things through the eyes of the customer.

The most powerful marketing is when you generate true advocacy.

Imagine if the CMO of General Motors drove a Honda to work every day.

Honor your clients and honor your passions!

Then you have the integrity and congruency that attracts more passionate brands your way!

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