Get Rich Quick Ads

Are you selling courses on personal success, how to make 6 figures a month from your laptop, win at MLM, or how to get rich doing various things?

Facebook will disapprove your ads and ban you from advertising if you don’t clearly understand what they told us today.

I’ll paste it below, courtesy of Kenny Hoang, an absolute pro at Facebook ads…

Ads for “get rich quick” schemes or other money-making opportunities that offer compensation for little to no investment aren’t allowed. This includes multi-level marketing or similar business models that don’t fully describe the product or opportunity leading to the advertised income.

Ads must be clear about the business opportunity that leads to the advertised income. Ads for “get rich quick” schemes (ex: work from home, pyramid schemes) that offer money for little to no investment, or promotional content for money-making schemes are not allowed. This also holds for mentoring, coaching or affiliate programs, or other partnerships with unclear business models.

Ads must promote complete transparency regarding participation and business opportunities, as people frequently report these opportunities.

Explicit $ for an unclear business model:
Your ad wasn’t approved because the image promotes:
• Making money or getting rich by doing little or nothing
• An unclear business model that doesn’t explicitly state how to make money or how value is created (ex: which products and services are sold)
• A multi-level marketing business model without a clear product they’re selling (ex: Empire Network, Empower Network, Motor Club of America, Prosperity Team)

Recommendation: You must fully explain the business model and participation process in the destination website of your ad.

To know more, visit this page.

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