If you’re a one-person business– guess what?

You’re not a business.

Because when you step away, your business doesn’t exist anymore.

What would happen if you went on vacation for a month with no internet?

You need people, processes, and platforms so that your business can run without you being there.

Just as ridiculous is the CEO of a one-person firm.

I picture a toddler triumphantly riding their Big Wheel around town, flexing to the other children.

But eventually, it’s naptime or Mom is calling– so it’s time to put the toys away.

There’s nothing wrong with working for someone– as an employee, freelancer, or consultant.

In fact, that’s the best choice for most people– since who wants to deal with the risk, long hours, and stress?

Why not have plenty of time for family and friends– as well as your health and personal life?

Be clear on whether you’re working for someone else or wanting to be a leader of your own company– and all that entails.

But if you’re claiming to be a “business”, you have obligations beyond what you alone can do.

Pick 3 of these 5 things– family, work, health, sleep, and friends. Which two things are you dropping?

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