You MUST understand Facebook ThruPlays— the default optimization for videos.

You can see I got 307 ThruPlays for $5.51, which is less than 2 cents each.

That means people watched my video (one minute, of course) all the way through or at least 15 seconds.

If you’re under 5 cents, you’re doing great. Above 10 cents and something is wrong with your ad or your targeting.

Here’s how to troubleshoot, step-by-step…

Notice that I got 1,681 reach for $5.51. That’s about $3 to reach 1,000 people. The average is $8, and you may find the “ads” you run are way, way higher.

A high CPM means you’re getting penalized for ads that sell, evidenced by negative feedback, low engagement, not using video, and just not being interesting. And if you need high-quality content, for example for your website, or help with your writing is an opportunity to get reliable help from experts.

Well, of course, my ads are interesting, you say. I had some advertising pro make them and they have a clear call to action. And I have to make money, right?

Look at the view-through rate in this video. 1,300 of the 1,681 people who were scrolling through their mobile newsfeeds stopped watching for at least 3 seconds.

That’s 77%!

The average is 30%. And we know the algo takes into account view-through rates plus engagement to determine how much you pay per thousand impressions.

Imagine the double-whammy of low view-through rates and a higher cost of the base traffic (in impressions). If you’re paying a CPM that’s 3 times higher and getting only half as many people even viewing the video, then you’re already paying SIX times more per view.

Then see that this video got 307 ThruPlays. That’s 25% of the initial views, which is double the average.

If you can’t hold their attention via motion and interesting content that still works in a sound-off, mobile environment, you’ll pay to double the price again as a penalty.

Now you’re paying TWELVE times the price.

Do we now have an incentive to make one-minute vertical videos that entertain and educate our audience, warming them up before we sell to them further along in the next videos in our remarketing sequences?

And do we see why when we have a winner like this one (one in 10 will be winners), we should put more money into the boost?

I started out with $7 over 7 days (a dollar a day). Then as the stats started looking good, I kept adding more money- another $30 over 30 days, and so forth.

These winners may eventually become part of my “greatest hits”, which are evergreen content pieces that have lived for years and have spent thousands of dollars.

By letting the algo do the weeding for me, I can put out hundreds of posts (shots on goal) and know the system will find the winners for me.

And when I have 9 solid winners in my Greatest Hits (3 at each stage of the AEC funnel), then I’ve got a fantastic machine that runs by itself. I won’t have to keep cranking out content daily.

My favorite 80’s rock band is still collecting royalties on those songs, even if they’ve done nothing for 30 years.

You might want to save this post, since we’ve covered a dozen concepts you’ll need to build and tune profitable campaigns, no matter your industry.

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