A lot of you have been reaching out for training, support, and jobs.

The Course Catalog shows the price of the course. You don’t have to pay. Tell us which course you want and our team will unlock it for you, free.

Yes, we are hiring– but instead of sending your resume, show you’re qualified by earning the badge at the end of the course and having completed the exercises. We hire from that pool.

The same is true for agencies– we will match you with clients who want implementation help. After looking at the courses, they may wish to get help, instead of doing it themselves.

Instead of messaging me privately for your support question, please use our Facebook group– so that we can learn together. Odds are, someone else has asked your question already.

We’re migrating to a new website and learning management system, so the old stuff isn’t working quite right. Be patient and we’ll give all of you logins to watch videos, run reports, etc…

I’m happy to be on your podcast– let me know your topic, your process, and your audience. Send it to dennis@blitzmetrics.com.

Yes, you can hire me or hire our team for consulting, ad tuning, etc. The courses are free, but the services are not.

There are so many good people who need help with getting more clients and more customers– let’s bring everyone together!

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