Read this.

I got this email from Facebook wanting to schedule a call, showing that Facebook is trying to improve.

Then, two of the biggest personal brands on Facebook (you would know their names) also reached out to me for help because their accounts were disapproved with no reason and no warning.

They’ve spent millions in the last few months and are folks you’ve seen coaching world leaders and athletes.

But even they are frustrated from getting banned while having no recourse. Just canned, generic messages about how they violated Facebook ad policies somehow— and that this is final.

I feel awful that these and hundreds of folks are getting their livelihoods cut off.

If the big boys struggle, then what does that say for the little folks?

I used to be able to reach out to Facebook for help, but Facebook didn’t like me using my contacts for non-clients.

And since then I’ve gotten flooded with thousands of people asking me to personally intercede. So I wrote this article on what to do about it.

PS— when I audited the ads account of a major figure yesterday, I found thousands of ads in there, which is way, way, too many— even for a million-dollar spend. Simplifying account structure is key not because there’s less risk for disapproval, but because the algo prefers this.

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