Why You Need To Be More Personal In Your Business Ventures

The following is a guest post by Dr. Chris Collins from Chattanooga, TN

The first time I heard Dennis speak was in a Facebook live video interview with Black Diamond Club. In that discussion, he was speaking about how to create personal touches through social media. 

This guy is so genuine about the whole thing, taking all rules off the table, and saying things like, “Why don’t you just send them a personal video response or audio message.”

Be Personal

Even as a doctor who places emphasis on personalized care, my first thought was still, “Wouldn’t that be weird?”. Until I tried it, and I have to say, people were touched.

What I’ve learned from Dennis this year is you are always in a state of influence on someone, and it pays to be kind. 

Does he walk the walk? Without question, yes. After the conversation on his life, he invited everyone to send him an email asking a question or saying hi, and he sent me a personalized video encouraging me to feel empowered as a doctor and an authority figure in my community.

Enjoy his first message to me below:

Build Relationships

Relationships are his thing, and most good marketers should know a thing or two about how to create a relationship and create value and then deliver.

The difference I see in Dennis is his consistency in follow-through, and his earnest desire to understand what others’ needs are.

A perfect example is my second interaction with Dennis. I was on his stage, at an event where I was about to give an impromptu 1-minute video script sharing a “why moment”.

Dennis made it super easy, especially considering I was in front of a crowd of about 250 people. Dennis gave respectful and just enough helpful feedback without drawing too much attention to himself.

Here’s a picture of me on stage giving my “Why” about standing up for yourself:

ROI From Personalized Care

Okay, so I’m sure this is starting to sound flattery, so for anyone reading who is a pragmatist, here’s where I see the objective value.

The magic in Dennis Yu is his experience, knowledge application, and connections. In the first month, since we hired him we have already seen 3x the inquiries, which equals not only increased revenue for us but people served in Chattanooga, TN.

You’ve been continuously marketed to your whole life, and for a guy like Dennis who has been in the game for such a long time, he’s earned his right to be an egotistical puffed-up blowfish with a wizard hat that reads “SEO king” on it. The brilliant thing is, he’s not egotistical, and he’s not flashy.

The best word I can use to describe him is the noise of all the schools of marketing clamor out there. – refreshing.

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