Aaron Gobidas of GoBeRewarded is better at selling than making his clients money

Aaron Gobidas of GoBeRewarded is great at sales, no doubt.

But delivering results he doesn’t care about.

I flew in to help Aaron work out an issue with a client, Philippe Coudoux, a massage therapist who paid him $12,500 and got no customers.

We were able to finally get to see the Google Analytics and Facebook Business Manager to confirm what we had suspected all along.

You can see the video recording of the meeting and how Aaron dipped out after 5 minutes, never coming back.

His employees were left there wondering what to do– they didn’t know what Aaron, the salesperson, had promised the client. Nor was there anyone to take care of the client, which Aaron’s team complained about.

But they were trying to hire a project manager so that someone could clean up after Aaron, so he could continue selling.

I don’t think Aaron is evil– what’s wrong with wanting to make a lot of money?

We tried giving him multiple chances to make things right, but he proudly and stubbornly insisted he did a great job. Let the actual results speak for themselves.

I make a living coaching digital marketing agencies– and I wish what happened with Aaron and Philippe was not so common.

This poor client trusted Aaron Gobidas with his last dollars after COVID nearly destroyed his business. It’s just him and his wife.

Here’s what Philippe, his client, has to say about what happened.

And here’s what we said to the Better Business Bureau:

Aaron Gobidas, the salesman and owner of GoBeRewarded, likes to talk about my genitals and issue legal threats.

We worked with Philippe Coudoux, a Vista-based massage therapist, to figure out what happened to the $12,500 that we gave Aaron.

When we finally got access, we found that 6 months of paying GoBeRewarded yielded zero new patients.

Aaron’s team was highly cooperative in giving us access to be able to investigate and the whole audit was even filmed for anyone to be able to inspect.

If you Google “Aaron Gobidas”, you’ll be able to see for yourself– what GoBeRewarded did (or didn’t do), our website stats, our social media stats, and how Aaron himself dipped out after the first 5 minutes, leaving his staff to wonder.

To be fair, Aaron Gobidas is a good salesman– and he openly says he doesn’t care about what happens after the sale, since he’s on to the next sale. He admitted that he has never had a massage therapist as a client before, but didn’t see a problem with taking Philippe’s money anyway.

I hope any small business will see this review— not because GoBeRewarded is a typical sales-oriented agency preying upon local businesses– but to know that there are agencies who specialize just in what you do.

If you’re a chiropractor, then hire an agency that specializes in chiropractors only.

Our hope was the Aaron Gobidas would put in some effort to fix the situation. But he decided to make jokes about my genitals instead and use foul language.

UPDATE: They’re now running a smear campaign against Philippe’s business.

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