Ardeshir Kohnouri of GoBeRewarded: did you know that fake reviews hurt you, not the client?

This PPC manager at GoBeRewarded lashed out at a former client. The client was mad at having spent $12,500 with this agency, getting no sales, and being locked into a 12-month contract.

So he left this review:

But what he doesn’t know is that’s against the Google Terms of Service to leave a fake review. He’s not a customer and had zero involvement with Philippe Coudoux of Balanced Body Massage.

He probably thought, “If I leave a one-star review on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and other places, I can hurt this former client.”

But anyone who does a Google search can see that this guy works for the agency that got fired:

Ardeshir is a Google Ads Manager by profession, so he certainly should understand how easy it is for anyone to Google him and see he’s attacked a client that the agency mistreated.

Anyone who was looking to hire a marketing agency in North San Diego will probably think twice after seeing this misplaced behavior of one of their employees.

Ardeshir, you’re hurting your boss, Aaron Gobidas, who is also the sales guy for your agency. Now he has to try to clean this up, in addition to fixing the original problem of too much selling and not enough delivery– which is how Philippe’s livelihood got destroyed in the first place at your hands.

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