Do You Need an SEO “Expert”? Maybe Not.

Here’s something that even “SEO experts” don’t know…

Your SEO is your reputation.

What people say about you is Search Engine Optimization.

So when you take good care of clients, who say good things about you, that’s SEO.

When you are a guest on someone’s podcast– then they share the episode on social media and their site, that’s SEO.

When you make tweets about your favorite place to eat, that’s SEO.

The people who charge money for SEO will now want to argue with me here– listing out all their favorite tools and techno-babble about how clients couldn’t possibly do SEO.

They need to hire an expert in SEO to do this for them, right?

NOPE– except for rare circumstances where you have a large site or complex technical issues requiring someone like Steve Wiideman or Damon Burton to solve– 99% of SEO is producing content so compelling that people want to share it.

If you’re an industry expert like Glenn Vo in dental, then you’re interviewing the leaders in your industry, creating a group of 30,000 dental professionals. Another example is Eugena Popa, making hypnosis simple.

When these pros talk about you, Google sees these signals, which generates more traffic for you from Google.

And that’s SEO, which is the RESULT of what you’re doing, not the activity! For instance, read how Ethan Van De Hey learned why his podcast didn’t show up on Google.

Hope this saves you a ton of headaches and wasted money from people who would love to sell you snake oil.

If you are one of these peddlers, feel free to argue with me.

I built the analytics at a search engine over 20 years ago– and my job was protecting users from SEOs trying to manipulate the search results.

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