Ethan Van De Hey learns why his podcast doesn’t show up on Google

A few months ago, he interviewed my friend, Dr. Kim Grimes. And we’re sad to not be able to see it in search results:

And we discussed 5 easy steps to fix this problem, which you should implement for your podcast, too.

Ethan Van De Hey and I discuss how to make his podcast show up on Google

Ethan is a killer podcast host, but he’s also learning how to repurpose this content. We’re going to talk about the five things that you need to do to make sure that your podcast is actually being seen. Because if it’s not being seen.

Then what’s the point of publishing it and it doesn’t really honor your guests the same way? So here we go. Tip number one is to buy your domain name, Ethan Van De Hey. Get it through GoDaddy, but WordPress on it. And that way you can blog on it and it’s automatically optimized for SEO. Number two, make sure you’ve claimed all your social media profiles on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok. You name it.

Have all your profiles claimed because when you record those podcasts, you’re going to push them to all those different networks. That increases the signal that Google will see. So Google’s looking at all these signals to determine how you should rank number three. Have a content factory. So when you record that raw episode on Zoom or on your camera or on your phone, you have an assistant or virtual assistant or marketing person.

Be able to process that content and push it out to all the other networks. Number four repurpose content and you use the tool like the script. You can transcribe it. Fix ums and AHS. Fix the sound. Create snippets that are in vertical square, or other sorts of formats. And then step five. Do you want to boost it?

So you’re going to promote that. You’re going to tag your guests. You’re going to put a dollar a day against it on Facebook. And Instagram and Twitter so that other people see it get comments and more people will sign up. Subscribe to your podcast, and engage. This is how you get more guests. This is how you become better known. This is how you get a job, even if you’re still a student still in school.

And this is ultimately how you build your personal brand and your career. So those are five tips for you on. How you can get your podcast seen to grow your career.

By the way, I just bought his name on GoDaddy– so make sure you’ve got your name!

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