We gifted our Office Hours members a subscription to LinkWhisper today!

Link Whisper is a great SEO tool

Today we gifted everyone in Office Hours a subscription to Link Whisper, an AI-driven tool that generates smart internal links to help you rank better on Google.

If you were to buy it, pricing starts at $77 per website per year.

And if you were to add in all the other tools we provide for Office Hours members, such as Rank Math, you’d see that’s far more than the subscription of Office Hours.

Then you get all our courses and LIVE support from our team for free on top of that.

Is that not a KILLER deal?

When I designed this program, that was my goal– to put together what I would want to see to help me grow my business, figure out what tools are best, and get guidance along the way from the pros.

You can join Office Hours here.

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