Your network does the net work

Your network does the net work

Networking is all about building relationships.

If you have spent 10 years building a network and your friend has 15 years, now you have the power of 25 years of relationship building.

Networking with podcasting

Podcasting is the smartest networking hack.

Hopping on to Zoom is a low-friction step toward meeting people in person and building partnerships.

When they’re on your podcast, you naturally edify them and vice versa. That is the reason why you would not interview just an “okay” guest.

Extend your network

And when they share the honor of being on your podcast with their audience– building your authority far better than anything you could say about yourself. We don’t have much time these days and search for networking alternatives. No doubt podcasting is the easy way to get hundreds of interviews done quickly to extend your network.

Your clients buy not only because of your expertise but also because of how deeply you care about them– bolstered by the people they see you surround yourself with them.

Becoming well-known gives you an insurmountable advantage in client acquisition, partnerships, and team building.

Your network does your network!

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