If you are reading this, you can get a job with us. 

We are hiring like crazy because we are fortunate to have many clients and partners.

I’m going to tell you about some mistakes people make when applying.

By avoiding the three common mistakes and following the instructions, you will be ahead of anyone applying for a particular position.

Mistake Number 1 – Zero Preparation

The first mistake is to reach out to other folks on the team or me with zero preparation.

Do not send a canned message that says, “Dear Sir,” and then it just has stuff that you didn’t put anytime into researching what our company does.

If you haven’t seen the tons of projects we have, then you’re going to look like the thousands of other people just blasting their resumes out.

Make sure you spend a little time, personalize your message, and say something particular about what you learned.

Show that you stand out, which puts you ahead of 95% of other candidates.

Mistake Number 2 – Grammatical Errors

Watch out for grammatical errors and other kinds of mistakes. If you have capitalization and punctuation errors, it hurts your chances.

We are looking at your ability to communicate.

Even if English is not your first language, that’s okay. We have a lot of folks in the Philippines, Brazil, Pakistan, and other places.

But you have to show that you can communicate very clearly. It doesn’t mean you have to be a writer or to be able to write a book. Avoid grammatical mistakes.

Mistake Number 3 – Ignoring Instructions

Not paying close attention to instructions.

The instructions for any particular job will be something like sending a note to a team member, making a one-minute video and posting it on LinkedIn, or sending something with a subject line or a keyword.

Pay attention to the details, as we constantly test your ability to follow directions.

This mocks out many candidates because they cannot pay attention to the details.

It would be best if you worked closely with other team members when working on a team in different groups. 

Mistakes to avoid

If you come to me every time, it shows you cannot work in a team. However, that doesn’t mean I do not want to hear from you.

Imagine if everyone went to the CEO of Costco across all the different stores of Costco. They would never get anything done because they would just be creating chaos.

You must learn to follow directions and know who to contact for whom.

It could be another team member. It could be someone who is in a particular group.

There are always some instructions, and you have to demonstrate that you can figure out who is the right person to contact or be able to solve the problem for yourself or go to the training.

Certainly, reach out when it is a question that does deserve clarification.

But remember, if you are implying that the team is evaluating your ability to follow directions, the question you ask tells us your comprehension and how well you understand.

Maybe you want to be a project manager, have 20 years of experience running an agency, and want to work with us. That’s great too.

Engage and Show your Expertise

I can tell you if it’s working for me; I will first see whether you engage with our content and whether you have the expertise.

I will look you up and determine the best use of your time and my time.

There is so much opportunity in our mission to create a million jobs, and I’m happy that we have friends like John Jonas and our friends with Fiverr, Nelson, who have a bunch of 7 figure agencies and helping other agencies scale.

Suppose you are an agency owner reading this for fun, great! We would love to see you hire people; the people coming to our program are not for us. It’s for all of us.

We want to create jobs together based on clear, fair instructions for anyone who can qualify and get these things done; doesn’t matter where on the planet, if you are a single mom or broke. If you can get the job done, we want to hire you, period.

So, I hope that is encouraging for you and that you can step ahead and be ahead of most people who make mistakes when applying for jobs, whether for us or somebody else.

Looking forward to seeing your progress, and if by some chance you don’t hear from us or you get declined, maybe you are not ready. 

You can always try again. We believe people can constantly improve and accelerate learning.

And we are a team that comes from making many mistakes we have seen in the last 20+ years of hiring.

Go check it out, and I can’t wait to see your progress along the way.