Breaking Into the Life Coaching Industry: The Ingenious Dollar a Day Strategy

Breaking Into the Life Coaching Industry: The Ingenious Dollar a Day Strategy


When it comes to starting a new business venture, the classic “chicken and egg” problem often rears its head. You need proof of success to gain clients, but you need clients to get that success in the first place. My buddy Alex recently decided to pivot his focus to helping life coaches grow their brands via the Dollar a Day strategy, but he faced this very conundrum: How could he break into an entirely new niche without any proof of success in that field?

Well, I’ve got a tactical, straightforward game plan for him—and for anyone else looking to crack the code. If you’re in a similar boat, read on to learn how to not just overcome this obstacle, but to also become a living, breathing example of the strategy you’re implementing.

The Game Plan: Interview to Unlock Opportunities

Step 1: Interview Top Life Coaches

The first part of the plan is to interview top life coaches via Zoom for about 15 minutes. And let’s be clear: The goal here isn’t to make a sale. Instead, you’re honoring these professionals, learning from their experience, and providing them a platform to share their insights.

Step 2: Create Chapters for Each Coach

Turn each of these 15-minute interviews into a standalone chapter and compile them all into a book. Make sure the content is engaging, informative, and provides value not only to the coaches but also to the readers who are interested in the field.

Step 3: Boost Your Book on Amazon

Once the book is ready, list it on Amazon and use the Dollar a Day strategy to promote it. With just a small daily ad spend, you can reach a highly targeted audience of potential customers and interested professionals.

Step 4: Leverage Co-authors for Promotion

You don’t have to go it alone in promoting the book. Leverage the reach of the life coaches you’ve featured. They have their own followings and would likely be willing to share the book with their audience, especially since they are featured in it.

The Ripple Effects

Unlock Podcasts

The book serves as an excellent portfolio of your expertise, which you can then parlay into opportunities for appearing on podcasts. These podcasts can be your own or those hosted by other experts in the industry.

Boost Your Podcast Appearances

Apply the Dollar a Day strategy once more, but this time to boost these podcast episodes. Again, this is a cost-effective way to get your message and expertise in front of the right audience.

Attract Clients Before You’re Even Ready

One of the magical aspects of this strategy is that you don’t have to wait until you have your service packages fully fleshed out. Once the book is out and the podcast episodes are circulating, life coaches will start reaching out for help. Why? Because you’ve built up trust. You’ve given them value and honored their profession.

Final Thoughts: Become a Living Practitioner

At this point, you’ll have successfully integrated yourself into the life coaching industry, using the Dollar a Day strategy to not only promote others but also yourself. You become a living, breathing practitioner of what you’re implementing. You’ll have turned the ‘chicken and egg’ issue on its head, gaining both experience and a client base before even launching your full suite of services.

By the time you’re ready to fully launch, you won’t just be someone trying to help life coaches. You’ll be a recognized player in the field, all thanks to the ingenious application of a Dollar a Day.

The Power of Google Alerts and Authentic Expertise for Business Success

Every morning, I get these notifications from Google alerts about my name and the companies I’m involved with.

Google alerts

Now, some might find this a bit strange, but let me break down why I find these Google alerts really important:

Expressing Gratitude and Celebrating Success

I’m not just checking these alerts for the fun of it. I’m actually on a mission to spread some good vibes. You know, when I see stuff about my clients, partners, and team members doing awesome things, I make it a point to give them a virtual high-five. It’s not just about saying, “Hey, great job!” It’s about showing off their cool skills and celebrating their successes for the world to see.

And you know what’s cool about this? It’s like hitting the gratitude button in your brain. Feeling thankful is a superpower—it’s like a positive energy boost. Seeing all these achievements makes me realize that I’m surrounded by a bunch of rock stars who are all on my side. It’s like a team of champions working together to kick some digital marketing butt.

So, it’s not just about checking off alerts; it’s about soaking up that gratitude goodness. It’s like a reminder that we’re all in this together, pushing each other to be awesome. And let me tell you, being grateful isn’t just a nice thing to do—it’s like rocket fuel for your positivity and success mindset. It’s the secret sauce that keeps me motivated and connected.

Data-Driven Content Direction

These alerts they’re like my secret weapon for staying in the loop. I mean, in this wild world of the internet, things change faster than you can say “digital revolution.” And keeping up with the ebb and flow of what’s being shared, liked, and talked about is like having my finger on the pulse of the digital cosmos.

Now, here’s the kicker—I’m no psychic. I might think I have these brilliant ideas that are going to rock the digital landscape, but guess what? The reality check is often a bit humbling. My gut feeling isn’t always spot on. That’s where the magic of data comes in. Those alerts? They’re like a treasure chest of data-driven insights that tell me what’s actually clicking with people out there.

Do you know what’s cool about data? It’s like the truth serum of the internet. It doesn’t care about my grand ideas or what I think is awesome. It just lays out the facts plain and simple. So, when I peek into those alerts and see what’s getting the thumbs up, it’s like a reality check that keeps me grounded. It’s like a roadmap showing me the way that people are actually moving.

Now, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty. Remember that “Dollar a Day Strategy” that you might have heard of? Yeah, that’s my digital calling card, my claim to fame. But not everything I touch turns into gold. Take the “Topic Wheel” concept, for instance. I gave it my all, but it didn’t quite set the digital world ablaze like I hoped it would. And you know what? That’s just how the digital cookie crumbles sometimes.

And this is where those alerts earn their keep. They’re like a trusty compass, showing me which paths are paved with gold and which might need a bit of rerouting. I’ve learned to embrace the lessons from both hits and misses. It’s not about being right all the time; it’s about letting the data guide the way and being open to unexpected twists and turns.

Practicing What You Preach

These alerts aren’t just pixels on a screen; they’re like treasure maps guiding me toward golden insights. You see, sifting through these alerts isn’t just a mindless ritual—it’s like assembling the building blocks of a secret code. And what’s the secret code, you ask? It’s all about documenting what’s actually working, turning it into these nifty Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that anyone can pick up and follow.

Why go through the trouble, you might wonder? It’s all about keeping the gears of progress greased and ready to roll. Imagine having a guidebook filled with battle-tested strategies, proven tactics, and data-backed insights. That’s what these SOPs become—a sort of digital playbook that lets anyone on our team tap into the collective genius of our journey.

And here’s where things get really interesting—I’m not just about lip service. I believe in practicing what I preach, walking the talk, and doing more than just parroting what others say. I mean, let’s face it—anyone can toss around buzzwords and catchphrases. But it’s a whole different ball game when you’ve got skin in the game when you’re sharing not just theories but tales of trials and triumphs.

Think of it as this: when I blend my own experiences with the wisdom of the wizards I admire, it’s like crafting a magic potion of credibility. It’s like saying, “Hey, I’ve been there, done that, and I’ve got the scars and stories to prove it.” This fusion of real-life know-how and proven methodologies is like a potent elixir that makes us more than just credible—it makes us invaluable.

So, you see, those Google Alerts aren’t just digital blips; they’re breadcrumbs leading me toward a treasure trove of wisdom. It’s about taking the triumphs, the tumbles, and the insights that pop up on my radar and turning them into a roadmap for anyone eager to follow in our footsteps. It’s about proving that it’s not about the talk—it’s about the walk, the action, and the blend of authenticity and expertise that sets us apart in this digital wilderness.

We no longer need to “sell” because others are doing it for us, and our expertise shows through.

Peeling Back the Layers: True Personal Branding Amidst the Hype

personal branding
The Personal Branding Course

Have you ever noticed those folks who act like big shots in the personal branding world but don’t really have anything to show for it? I’m talking about those guys who say they can teach you how to write a bestseller, but they haven’t written one themselves. Or those broke coaches who claim they can help you get rich through coaching, even though they’re struggling themselves.

Then there are those sales experts who bombard your messages with the same old stuff, trying to sell you their lead generation thing. They make it seem like they’re sending you a personal message, but you know it’s just copy-pasted junk.

Here’s the deal: instead of bombarding us with their flashy spam, they should be showing us the real deal.

If they’ve actually achieved something, they should lay it out step by step. No need for those long webinars where they talk about their life story for ages and then try to get you on a call. Just put it out there plainly, like in articles, videos, and social media posts.

We’re not interested in being sold to with all the fancy talk. But we’re definitely interested in learning from someone who’s actually done something cool.

So, these experts should cut the nonsense and give us the facts about how they made it happen. That’s what we’re looking for.

Larry Kim, #1 Spender on Google Ads, Launches Unbelievable AI Lead Gen Tool

Larry Kim, #1 Spender on Google Ads, Launches Unbelievable AI Lead Gen Tool

I hung out with him in Boston the other day and he blew my mind…

I can get the email addresses of 15-20% of your website visitors.

Then send them a personalized email generated by GPT4.

It’s basically web remarketing using email.

And super easy to implement, since you just install a pixel.

It’s totally compliant (CAN-SPAM or AI creepy).

And has been working super well for top B2C brands.

If you have at least 200 visitors a month, then this is worth testing.

You’re losing 15-20% of your sales if you don’t have this.

The first 50 leads are free and we score your website instantly.

What used to cost us $60 a click via PPC is now less than a dollar.

You can thank me later– don’t miss this.

Go to

Phil Mershon: Journey of Healing with Kaqun Water

Healing with Kaqun

Introduction to Kaqun Water Therapy

Phil Mershon embarked on a trip to Las Vegas to relieve his persistent health issues, which had been deteriorating over time, affecting his lungs, sinuses, stomach, and cognitive abilities. In his quest for healing, he discovered Kaqun, a therapy involving immersion in oxygenated water designed to oxygenate cells and eliminate toxins. Intrigued by the potential benefits, Phil was eager to share his experience with his friend Lindsay, who was aware of his ongoing health struggles.

Insights and Progress Through Therapy

Phil learned from his friend Joanne that Kaqun water therapy had proven effective for cancer patients by delivering oxygen directly to cells and facilitating the body’s detoxification process. He likened it to hyperbaric chambers with a gentler and more accessible approach. Phil encouraged Lindsay to delve into the research on Kaqun and consider discussing it with her holistic doctors, offering to provide supporting studies to aid her investigation.

Having dealt with frequent sickness, sinus problems, and respiratory complications over the years, Phil’s concentration, decision-making, and overall mental well-being had been adversely affected. With anticipation, he arrived in Las Vegas and began his first day at Kaqun, the facility offering Kaqun water baths and treatments.

Overcoming Challenges and Seeking Growth

Phil candidly acknowledged his struggles with addiction, encompassing various stimulants and habits. He recognized that discipline and accountability played crucial roles in overcoming these addictions, along with seeking professional counseling and guidance. While Kaqun water therapy positively impacted the physical aspects of his cravings, he acknowledged the need for additional help in overcoming alcohol addiction and redirecting his devotion toward spiritual growth.

During his initial day of therapy, Phil experienced a surprising reaction in his sinuses while taking his first bath. It felt like years of chronic sinus issues, surgeries, and antibiotic treatments were being released from his body. Uncertain about what lay ahead, Phil completed his first day of three daily baths and reflected on his purpose for coming to Las Vegas: to address stress, anxiety, chronic illness, and improve his overall well-being.

Progress and Lessons Learned

During his treatment, Phil noticed significant changes in his physical and mental state. He experienced moments of weakness, tiredness, and heaviness in the chest, indicating the therapy’s effectiveness in addressing respiratory conditions and promoting detoxification. Additionally, Phil discovered that combining Kaqun water with supplements such as milk thistle enhanced their efficacy.

Through conversations with Dr. Lyons, the founder of Kaqun, Phil learned that the therapy was stirring up dormant health issues, specifically aspergillosis. The oxygen in the Kaqun water attacked and pushed out the fluids associated with this condition, leading to temporary pressure in his chest. Dr. Lyons assured Phil that this effect would subside within the second week of treatment. Furthermore, monitoring the color of his urine served as an indicator of the toxins being flushed out of his cells.

Embracing a Holistic Approach to Well-being

As Phil progressed through his therapy, he recognized the significant role mental health played in overall well-being. He understood that nutrition, hydration, and the substances we consume and surround ourselves with all have an impact. Phil became more mindful of what he put into his body, diversified his diet, and considered incorporating daily affirmations into his bath routine to enhance mental well-being.

Throughout his journey, Phil experimented with different techniques and observed their effects. For instance, he tried using Kaqun water for nasal rinses, which resulted in a burning sensation and increased sneezing, demonstrating the water’s potency. He also discovered that podcasts and moments of stillness were more effective than music during the lengthy bath sessions, highlighting the importance of finding a balance between stimulation and relaxation.

Navigating Challenges and Gratitude

As Phil progressed to three baths a day, he encountered new challenges, such as fatigue, sinus discomfort, and stomach disturbances. However, he understood that these difficulties were part of the detoxification process, indicating that his body was undergoing significant changes, releasing toxins, and working towards healing. Emotional turbulence also emerged, leading to occasional moments of vulnerability and tears.

Throughout his journey, Phil found encouragement and support from the Kaqun team, fellow participants, and his loved ones. He unearthed long-forgotten memories, contributing to a better understanding of his journey and personal growth. These discoveries fueled his determination to embrace the process fully and seek professional help when necessary.

Continuing the Healing Journey

Annika Brown, the daughter of the founder of Kaqun, provides insights on incorporating Kaqun water therapy into daily life for ongoing benefits. She suggests lifestyle changes, foot baths, regular consumption of Kaqun water, light exercise, IV therapy, and involving spouses in the wellness journey. She also recommends incorporating infrared sauna sessions for additional benefits.

Phil Mershon discovered that Kaqun water, often referred to as living water, possesses activated cells that bring life to the body. This experience reminded Phil of the biblical concept of living water, symbolizing eternal nourishment and continuous rejuvenation. Drawing inspiration from a biblical story, Phil realized the significance of immersing oneself in water for healing.

Reflecting on the Healing Journey

Phil acknowledged that his healing with Kaqun water involved an ongoing process. Each day presented unique challenges and benefits, ranging from experiencing fatigue, chest tightness, and breathing difficulties to moments of mental and spiritual reflection. Phil recognized the importance of embracing the highs and lows of his healing journey, trusting in the power of prayer and mindset shifts.

Honest Experiences and Surprising Occurrences

Phil shared his honest experiences with Kaqun baths, emphasizing that they were not a simple remedy but an intricate process. He described days when he felt completely drained and canceled plans due to exhaustion. Phil also highlighted the variability of each bath, with some leaving him refreshed and others triggering headaches or sinus sensations. Additionally, he mentioned the need for frequent bathroom visits due to increased water consumption.

As Phil reached the final days of his 14-day journey, he reflected on his progress. Despite enduring intense detoxification symptoms, such as fatigue, nausea, and stomach flare-ups, Phil remained hopeful and acknowledged the positive changes he experienced. He emphasized the fundamental role of water and oxygen in human life and expressed gratitude for the healing he had already witnessed.

He was grateful to Dennis Yu for encouraging him to do this.

Seeking Continued Support and Growth

Phil consulted his primary care doctor to discuss his symptoms and medical history. While acknowledging the challenges of accurately diagnosing complex conditions like Lyme disease, his doctor recommended exploring DNR (Dynamic Neural Retraining System) to address the long-term effects of various stressors on the body and brain. Phil expressed a willingness to reintegrate positive habits, seek counseling, and retrain his brain’s responses to stress.