How the 300,000 EscapeArtist members can find a home on Facebook

Christine is a partner of Escape Artist International. She has over 300,000 people on her email list and wants to “clean up” their social media. Their clients want to live, work, and invest in other countries. They’ve been around 18 years and grew up in an ex-pat community that shared tips on how to live abroad. If you google “how to get a second passport” or related topics, they pop up. They monetize via an ad-supported model and are now selling conferences. But they have only 2,926 fans on Facebook with 10 active users. And they don’t know who their social users are. But through public data alone, we already know their top fans are 35-44 years old– much younger than they would have thought. But so long as we have their Facebook pageid, we can do analysis on their page. This is their graph id: 308371629230 And it’s easy to tell what her fans like. They like traveling, cooking, spirituality, and even medical marijuana. So what can Christine do, armed with better knowledge of who her fans are? 1) She needs to put her url in the first 3 lines of her page’s About section, so people can come to the site. 2) Instead of hard linking to the Facebook page, they should be using a social plug-in, provided free by Facebook. These plug-ins are socially aware, meaning they will tell you which of your friends are fans. 3) But perhaps the biggest impact she can make in tying her social and email communities together is using Custom Audiences. EscapeArtist can upload their 300k email list to Facebook list to see who matches, then do an analysis on what they like, where they live, how old they are, the cars they drive, the magazines they read, the credit cards they have, the places they travel to, and so forth. We describe this here. Because this is a consumer list, we expect a 70% match rate, so 210,000 folks should match. 4) Tie marketing automation to social Like most community sites, their list is not segmented, it’s one big list, where everyone is blasted with the same message. Once she’s segmented her audience into different goals, personas, and countries, she can then upload these directly to Facebook to then double the impact of email marketing by ensuring her messages are in the newsfeed. And she can use custom audiences to drive sales, reach advertisers, and promote conferences to people in each area.

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