FarmVille = ScamVille

It’s bad enough that there are over 60 million users (including me) wasting real time and real money growing virtual crops to earn virtual points.  A new article in TechCrunch blows the doors on an industry that is set to generate over a billion dollars in 2009 (source: Nick O’Neill of

Look out for a guest article I’ve written, which will show up either on TechCrunch or AllFacebook– which goes into the mechanics of ad network earnings on both the virtual currency and social ad side of things.  It’s 7 pages long and 2,478 words.

Networks like OfferPal and SuperRewards don’t have long until they’re busted for what’s really going on.  And if you’re a publisher doing more than $20k a month and want to do better, contact me privately– I have options for you.

Meanwhile, keep playing FarmVille– it’s addictive as hell!  I’m at level 30 now and having a great time.  My advice is to grow grapes, as they have the highest profit for any 1-day crop.  If you’re patient enough, just buy a ton of hay bales and sell them.  Buy 200 hay bales, which cost 100 dollars each, and get you 5 experience points, and you earn 1,000 experience points.  For the same $20,000 you’d have to spend $100,000 on a windmill.

So what’s your view– a user who doesn’t care, someone who thinks Farmville is a stupid waste of time, an affiliate marketer who wants to cash in on this somehow, or a game developer that is looking for a better way to make money?  Love to hear your thoughts.  I will respond to all comments here.

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