A Mobile Phone Retailer Dials in Their Facebook Engagement

Tony Baker is Co-Founder at Phone Doctors, which sells accessories via 6 stores in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
They fixed my business partner‘s iPad not once, but twice, for a cracked screen. Those golf cart seats are slippery, especially when you leave your device on the seat and didn’t use a protective cover. Tsk, tsk…
So as a thank you, we pimped out their Facebook ads with our 3 campaign strategies of audience, engagement, and conversion.
Here’s their site:
Lots of deals on accessories, if you want a charger, protective case, or whatnot.
They have a central brand page on Facebook with 5,074 fans and then 6 store-level pages with a few hundred fans each.
We like to say that you should have as many fans on Facebook as you have real customers. So let’s grow the 5,000 number a bit.
There are 60,000 people on Facebook within a 50-mile radius of Tulsa that have a mobile phone and have a friend who is a fan of Phone Doctors.
If we remove connection targeting, by the way, we can hit 400,000 people. But we like to show messages in the newsfeed with social endorsements embedded.
And we can still hit 1/7th of the total market with this social trust since the fan base is decent. If you have only a few hundred fans, using the “friend of fan” connection targeting might restrict your audience too far.
Because we bid oCPM (the default, so don’t touch anything), Facebook will figure out which of these 60,000 people will be our best fans and also what price to bid for them.
I set the budget at $8 a day for the fan growth (audience) campaign, which should get us 10-20 new fans a day.
Now that we have a simple fan growth campaign, let’s grow our engagement.
No surprise, you have to pay to show up in your fan newsfeeds. Same way on Google or other networks. The free ride is over.
So we set up a “page post engagement” ad.
And then check the box to keep it “always on” (promoting the most recent post automatically.
And then target my fans.
Don’t worry about the audience counts not being exact. Facebook is just estimating.
I put this ad in a new campaign called 2_engagement since I don’t want to muddy my fan growth campaign and engagement campaign.
Give it the same budget as your fan growth campaigns if you’re small. When you have a decent fan base, you can shift more into engagement and conversion.
This workhorse ad fixes the problem of newsfeed reach. Though Phone Doctors have over 5,000 fans, their average post gets 100-200 people.
So 97% of their fans don’t see their posts. That’s normal.
Don’t freak out. Just pay a few dollars to ensure you show up.
Now “create a similar ad” to make sure you get newsfeed reach against folks who are friends of fans and like mobile phones. You can replicate the audience you used for fan growth.
Don’t forget to filter down to where you have your stores, unless you want to target the entire United States or whatever your home country is.
Now it’s time to promote our deals!
You can run an online or in-store offer or just track conversion (if you have the pixel installed). It’s not as hard as it sounds.
Now upload a few image combinations, choose a compelling headline and body– and off you go!
Set your budget at a bit less than your engagement campaign, just so you can see how your audiences respond to your offer.
If you’ve got an email list, upload it and use it as a “custom” audience in each of your 3 campaigns. You’ll need to “create a similar ad” for each campaign and then select just that audience.
Hope this helps you get going.
Let me know in the comments below what you think!

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