Today someone reached out to me seeking a job for a friend.

This “friend” doesn’t have any credentials, isn’t interested in demonstrating their expertise, and above all…doesn’t know me.

Their excuse?

They’re too busy to build a professional profile. If someone is looking for work, what are the odds that this is true?

That means if we were to hire them, they’d be “too busy” when it comes to an important project deadline or improving their competency. Who’s to say they wouldn’t continue making excuses?

Those who are too busy to learn quickly become obsolete— only to find themselves scouring job boards and taking shots in the dark like this.

Conversely, anyone who has a passion for something will have evidence of effort to build expertise.

You simply can’t be an expert at something and not love doing it, nor deeply love doing something and not be an expert.

The Golden State Warriors are one of our clients. We put basketball fanatics on their ads, because who else would be better to run ads than someone who is a true fan of the team– who knows the schedules, who’s injured, and who’s getting traded.

Furthermore, “birds of a feather flock together”– great people refer other great people. Unfortunately, the opposite is just as true.

The person making this referral, as good as his intent may be, doesn’t know much about PPC, so how would he confidently be able to say this friend is an expert, too?

Have you been approached by folks like this? How would you have reacted differently? Let me know in the comments below.