Yes, our agency hires young adults

Yes, our agency hires young adults.

People constantly question my reasoning behind this. Are these young people truly certified and mature enough to be doing this type of work for big clients and personal brands?

The way we ensure accountability and quality performance in our work is through the use of checklists and processes.

Our mission for years has been to bridge the gap between formal education and work experience.

We intentionally don’t define age limits, not because it would be illegal, but because “young” is a mindset for people able and willing to learn- to become certified digital marketers.

Though easily broad-brushed, – there is a spectrum between teachability and maturity.   You’ll want to have a mix of folks to get the best of both worlds.

How many 50-year-olds are pros at marketing on Snapchat and TikTok?

Yet, how many 22-year-olds understand how to run operations in a 100+ person agency?

We have a mix not because we abide by the law, but because it’s good for business. That’s why we build teams that rely upon training and processes, so we all can keep learning.

It would be short-sighted and disrespectful to call task-based learning “cookie-cutter”- any more than you’d say a surgeon or airline pilot was mindlessly following cookie-cutter processes.

If you’re undergoing an operation at the hospital, perhaps you opt for the most creative surgeon- but I want the result, not the flair.

Our goal at Content Factory is to arm these young adults with both the right knowledge and years of real-world experience so that they too can lead effectively and deliver repeatable excellence in their work.

What legacy do you want to have on the next generation?

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