The next wave of millionaires and billionaires is coming from the health sector.

Baby boomers are getting older– leading to chronic health problems that traditional medicine (pills and surgery) doesn’t have an answer to.

Growth-minded entrepreneurs and mid-career professionals are overworked and stressed out– facing problems that cannot be solved by more coffee and working harder.

We all want to have whiter teeth, feel better, look better, make more money, provide for our families, and achieve “success”.

You’re seeing a ton of “get rich quick” courses, peddled by breathless 21-year-olds– with 20 years of experience, about how easy it is.

You’re going to see “Limitless” pills plastered in ads everywhere– and even mattress companies claiming they can give you a competitive edge.

The winners (of which I hope you and I be in that group) will have these characteristics:

+ Massive social proof– not just celebrities with paid endorsements who are 3 degrees away, but friends causing their own friends to buy.

+ Cross-functional– you’ll see a wave of figureheads who are highly knowledgeable in business, fitness, medicine, public speaking, marketing, and so forth. This causes society’s definition of health to expand from just treating the sick to preventative care and maximizing peak performance.

+ Products that are services, and services that are products- You can “buy” physical products, but they will have subscriptions, online membership programs, and live events integrated. The next wave of influencers won’t be the rented Lambo type but tell emotionally powered stories that eventually lead to a product sale.

I’ve been intentionally aligning myself with these folks since I know they need systematic digital marketing not to be “famous”, but because championing their cause (if I believe in it) leads to building a community, which leads to the purchase of products.

Watch the billionaires start podcasts, sell courses (and even courses on how to create courses), peddle skin creams, and tell you about their membership programs.

According to AARP, the average cost of having cancer is $150,000.

This destroys health, wealth, and families at the same time– the financial and emotional burden is tremendous. And it’s not just on the patient herself.

Your car insurance payment will be lower or disappear when self-driving cars eventually come around. But your healthcare costs will skyrocket.

And that’s both with traditional medicine, as well as non-traditional forms– natural medicine and Eastern practices that range from good old-fashioned exercise to eating, impacting your microbiome, cellular-level hypoxia, and mental well-being.

Remember I told you this was coming– as you start to hear more and more about these topics.

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