Want to get a blue checkmark on Facebook?

If you want to get a blue check mark here on Facebook, don’t pay for it. That person trying to sell this to you will likely get banned, as will you.

I get hundreds of random requests for this and I decline every single one– not just because it’s wrong or would burn me, but because most of these self-promoting “influencers” don’t merit a blue tick, meaning that they’d get rejected even if I submitted them.

Ironically, it’s those brands well-known enough to not need to ask that get the blue check easily, while those who beg incessantly are those who probably shouldn’t get it.

The blue check mark might be great for ego– yes, I have it on Facebook and Twitter, but won’t do much for you.

If you have sponsors, you can use the Branded Content Tool, which allows them to boost that particular post and see analytics. And perhaps you get a slightly higher engagement rate in comments, where people notice the mark.

As a business on Facebook, you can get a gray check to show that you are a verified company to prove the legitimacy of your page.

Twitter you have another blue check to prove your page’s account is authentic.

But other than that, I don’t see many valid reasons for a blue check for most people.

With Wikipedia, you have to be “notable”, which is almost the same as saying you get spoofed a lot. So do you have so many impostors out there that this is an issue?

If not, then move towards actually building your brand instead of fluffing up the appearance of your brand.

Easier to buy 100,000 fake followers on whatever social network via Fiverr— just as impressive and useless.

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