Here are the stats on a LinkedIn post I made a while ago.

If you’re going after an engagement, you might be disappointed in getting only 10 likes.

But if your goal is impact, which it should be, notice the 522 views, which is probably about 430 in reach.

Most people, including you and me, don’t publicly comment on posts.

But many people come up to me at events, telling me about how much they appreciate what they have learned over the years.

Many subscribers of Office Hours, our monthly membership, were lurkers who never engaged publicly for many reasons. Yet they are stronger fans than those who merely click like.

I believe the Facebook algorithm can distinguish between people who merely click like on everything versus those who truly might buy what you and I have to sell.

So stop going for artificial, misleading metrics, and instead drive for influence and conversion via the 3 part #ACC funnel and powerful algorithm that Facebook makes available to us.

In other words, sequence your messages from awareness to consideration to conversion.

That one post of yours on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter might get only 10 likes but influence a few people that eventually become some of your biggest customers.

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