Tight Targeting to Boost LinkedIn posts

Sad about Facebook removing interest targeting and that it could probably go away on the various other social networks?

Well, guess what?

You can boost posts on LinkedIn– not at a Dollar a Day, but $10 a day.

But you can target by their job title, the exact company they work at, their skill, where they live, and so forth.

LinkedIn used to cost 20 times more than Facebook but now is only 3 times the price.

Yet if you’re smart about who you’re targeting– like picking an audience of only a thousand highly relevant people, then you’re spending only $50 to bombard them.

I’m not AJ Wilcox, the king of LinkedIn ads, but I can tell you even my simple boosting of LinkedIn posts works wonders– because I have interesting content and tight targeting.

Boosting LinkedIn posts works wonders

Why do you think they are removing interest targeting?

There could be many reasons– more profit, less government interference, and the inevitable result of GDRP.

This level of precision in the audience is the reason people are willing to pay 3x the cost of Facebook.

Facebook & Instagram: $1/day

YouTube: $5/day (usually fires off)

LinkedIn: $10/day

TikTok: $20/day (unless it’s decreased lately)

Also, use Boolean search operators organically first (before advertising) on LinkedIn to find competitors and uncover the best keywords.

Use smart strategies with smart networks

Use smart strategies with smart networks
LinkedIn Strategies

How can we use smart strategies ? Unhappy that Facebook is getting rid of interest and targeting, and targeting going away on the various social networks?

The reasons could be many – either more profit, less govt interference, or the unavoidable result of GDPR.

However, know that LinkedIn is a platform where you can boost your posts at a price of $10 a day rather than one dollar a day.

Smart networks

The benefit you get there is that you can target people according to their skills, job titles, the place or company they work at, where they live, and so on.

Once LinkedIn was 20 times more expensive than Facebook, but it has made it feasible by reducing the gap from 20 to just 3 times more.

Smart Strategic Planning

The smarter you are, the more you’ll benefit from this targeting methodology by picking an extremely relevant audience in lower numbers, thus lower costs but higher returns.

I’m not AJ Wilcox, the master of LinkedIn ads, but my LinkedIn posts get a great response due to my content being compelling and targeted to a relevant audience.

Want to be seen a LOT more?

Want to be seen a LOT more?

Start posting on LinkedIn, where there is limited competition.

This post had only 3,000 impressions after the first 4 hours, meaning it would be almost done if it were on Facebook.

But a day later and it’s still picking up steam, which is normal for LinkedIn.

Even on a low-engagement post.

It could go double or triple this over the next week, if I comment back— all organic.

No extra effort on your part— hire a VA to cross-post to your other channels, including your blog.

If you want to learn the paid side of LinkedIn, follow AJ Wilcox, who is the world’s #1 expert on LinkedIn ads.

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40000 views on LinkedIn from this post

All are organic and it will grow to 100,000 over the next 7 days, since LinkedIn posts last a week if you continue to engage on them.

Facebook is so competitive and Twitter posts last only 30 minutes.

Tell vulnerable stories, friends.

Just one quick moment in your life and then the lesson. Don’t sell and don’t preach.

Here are the stats on a LinkedIn post I made a while ago.

If you’re going after an engagement, you might be disappointed in getting only 10 likes.

But if your goal is impact, which it should be, notice the 522 views, which is probably about 430 in reach.

Most people, including you and me, don’t publicly comment on posts.

But many people come up to me at events, telling me about how much they appreciate what they have learned over the years.

Many subscribers of Office Hours, our monthly membership, were lurkers who never engaged publicly for many reasons. Yet they are stronger fans than those who merely click like.

I believe the Facebook algorithm can distinguish between people who merely click like on everything versus those who truly might buy what you and I have to sell.

So stop going for artificial, misleading metrics, and instead drive for influence and conversion via the 3 part #ACC funnel and powerful algorithm that Facebook makes available to us.

In other words, sequence your messages from awareness to consideration to conversion.

That one post of yours on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter might get only 10 likes but influence a few people that eventually become some of your biggest customers.