Watch Your Notifications

Two notifications here show our interactions being a multiple of our reach. Except in rare circumstances, like photo gallery views and super small audiences, you cannot have an engagement rate greater than 100%.

Should you freak out at this bug?

Nah, any more than someone in California losing their mind over a 3.0 earthquake or seeing jaywalking in India.

We seek to have a 10% engagement rate as part of our “Standards of Excellence”. So if 1,000 people see something, we’d want at least 100 interactions to know that the post did well, paid or not.

And if the engagement rate is high, we would consider putting some “boost” dollars behind it, whether to a lookalike audience (top of the funnel), first touch video view audience of 10+ second viewers (mid-funnel), or 28-day site-wide audience (conversion).

Watch your notifications to see what Facebook thinks is doing well– then seek to understand why they think so, whether false alarm or real.

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