The key to your email inbox

Want to know the secret to never missing a thing? I use the Boomerang by Gmail tool to bring back messages that people don’t reply on.

The downside is that if the other person continually doesn’t reply, then you get a chain of these where you have to keep chasing them.

This works most of the time– a lifesaver if you’re a business owner that is the last line of defense in your business. But it also means you have to be willing to deal with stuff like in the screenshot below.

Some people will say that you should fire people who can’t get organized or to ignore clients that can’t reliably respond. Yet some of the most loyal people I’ve known over the years were in this state of disorganization and are now solidly on top of their communication game.

I believe communication skills are more important than any sort of digital wizardry– that a reliable team beats the super genius.


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