Who can you count on?

Who can you count on?

How many people can you count on to be there for you, no matter what?

I can count two, maybe three.

Seek to be this kind of friend and you will find this friend.

Are all your friends unreliable?

Ask yourself if you’re a reliable friend.

95% of the time I want to post something, but don’t.

95% of the time I want to post something, but don’t.

Want to know why?

* I think it’s not good enough.
* I’ll do it tomorrow, since I’m busy right now.
* I’m not qualified to say something, since others know more.
* People will mock or judge me.
* I’ll offend someone.

And while there is some truth to each of these fears, the reality is that when you share what you think unfiltered, you attract more of the same.

It’s like a LIGHTHOUSE shining in the dark, revealing both their position and your position.

With the right message, you will magnetize allies that you never knew existed.

You will find that many people are thinking the same thing, but didn’t say it.

But be sure to broadcast messages that attract the people you want.

95% of the time I want to post something, but don’t.

Ask for what you want. Be specific.

I believe the main reason people don’t get what they want is simply because they don’t ask for it specifically.

Don’t just ask for a job– say you’re digital marketer serving dentists to attract dentists to hire you.

Don’t just say you need a mentor– say you’re trying to get Descript and Frame.io to integrate in producing deep fake videos.

Don’t just say you want to lose weight– ask who wants to join you in doing 100 burpees at 5 pm today at the Val Vista Lakes Clubhouse.

Don’t just say you want to make a million dollars– ask who wants to join you in creating the ultimate Influencer Marketing ecosystem with footage you shot last week with Jake Paul.

People think that the broader their ask, the more people they can reach and the more help they can potentially get, right?

But when you ask specifically, you’re allowing your friends and your friends of friends to respond with exactly what you need.

Have you tried this?
Let me know how you’ve found it to work.

95% of the time I want to post something, but don’t.

Love is spelled T I M E

Wherever you spend your time reveals what you love.

Are you wasting time on frivolous activities while ignoring loved ones?

Are you overworked and overwhelmed— being out of time?

Then you’re allocating your time wrong by spreading your love too thin.

It’s not only okay to say NO, but you must say NO often so that you can say YES to those people and activities you love.

You’re not being rude.

I hope this realization creates shocking change, as it has for me.

Question for you guys

Question for you guys

These past few months have been wild! If you had asked me on March 1st how I would cope with being on lockdown, I would have laughed in your face.

And yet, here we are.

We’ve had some time to process, reflect, and hopefully begin emerging on the other side of this crisis, so I thought I’d crowdsource our new collective knowledge.

The response was overwhelming! I’ve posted the most creative and thoughtful replies here. Please add to the list! Hit me up in the comments.

How do you not get stressed out being on lockdown?

I think the answer here is that there is no one answer. If it feels good, and it doesn’t hurt anyone else, then embrace it. We’ll get through this, #TogetherApart .

I want to read your comments! What are you doing to get through this crazy time?

I quit

It’s just too much for me, the failure and pain.

I quit procrastinating, since I’m only be busier tomorrow– I trounce fear head on, doing that thing I’m avoiding immediately.

I quit listening to people who give me unqualified advice, since everyone has an opinion– but only those who have actually done X are qualified to advise me on how to do X.

I quit thinking that I’m not worthy of good things happening to me, since there is more than enough for everyone– my abundance mindset is what will attract goodness to me.

I quit wasting my time, since I value it dearly with learning and earning– I respect myself by imagining I’m a younger version of one of my mentors.

I quit believing I’m destined for failure and have innate flaws– instead reframing my mistakes with “in the past, I used to… but now I ….”

What are you quitting?