Take care of your people to avoid a situation like this

I just found out that my co-founder, who already stole a client from us, is now trying to steal another one of our top clients.

But rather than get mad or try to enforce the non-compete, I view this as an opportunity to make sure we are on our toes, delivering amazing value.

After all, like Ajay Kandala of Tuft & Needle told me as he was luring my co-founder away, if I did a better job in caring for our people, they wouldn’t leave.

He absolutely has a great point there. It takes two to tango, bro, he added— that even though he tried to lure my partner away, it took both of them to agree.

My number #1 lesson here— your competitive advantage is in your people, not your business strategy, money in the bank, or non-relationship assets.

Make sure, as you’re working so hard to grow your business, that you watch the back door and always take care of your people first.

I don’t believe the customer is always right. A bad client will lose you, great people, as I’ve seen with this mattress company.

Take care of your people, even if it means firing a client— even one that is a well-known brand.

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