This is why you’ll SUCCEED in 2020 in areas you’ve failed before in past years…

You know that anything based upon mere MOTIVATION will fail.

You might start out strong, but motivation can’t last forever, no matter how much Gary and Tony you consume– or how hard you try.

What’s different this time is that you’ve learned from the past– and now you’re about SYSTEMS.

  • SYSTEMS of people— your team, mentors, and collaborators to keep your projects running, even on those inevitable days that you’re not at 100%.
  • SYSTEMS of process— where you’ve documented what you’ve done before, so other people can follow them for repeatable excellence, freeing up your time.
  • SYSTEMS of platforms— automation via tools that eliminate your busy work, like FancyHands, Boomerang for Gmail, Infusionsoft, automated rules in Facebook ads, our Agency Management Platform, and other means to eliminate waste from repetitive tasks.

Your SYSTEMS of people, processes, and platforms are 1,000% stronger than just you– even on your best day or most well-intentioned resolutions.

Your SYSTEMS will continue to produce for you– even when colleagues rip you off blind, friends let you down, and objects hit you from behind.

You will succeed in 2020 because this is not yet another New Year’s Resolution. It’s a permanent and ongoing investment in your health, wealth, and happiness.

And I’m here to help you build these systems, sharing openly what has worked for me and our network of successful friends.

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