How often should I post on my Google My Business page?

I get this question a lot.

Short answer– post all at once.

Unless we have an organic audience over 10,000 people, no need to space out— since the ads are doing most of the work.

Technically, a post in GMB will last a week, so some people will space out posts by a week. And there is the argument that if you post all at once, somehow our audience will be “inundated” with our posts.

But the reality is that you’re not being seen.

The chicken and egg dilemma in small business is that without an audience, we don’t get engagement.  And without engagement, we don’t get reach.  Thus, we use “dollar a day” and other techniques as part of module 5 (Amplification) of the 6 phase Social Amplification Engine, to drive traffic and find winners to put more money against.

When we find winning posts on GMB (based on the thresholds in the “standards of excellence”), we will cross-post them to Facebook, Twitter, your website, TikTok, and other channels.

This is the same advice I give for how often to post on a Facebook page— just post them all at once.

This kicks off another opportunity for us to win on another channel without creating pressure on the client to have to continually come up with fresh content all the time– and especially not have to create brand new content for each channel.

When we use the “dollar a day” method to amplify our “greatest hits”, we have a Content Engine that runs forever to drive us leads.

Now and then, you can still post seasonal content, new product announcements, and other expiring or “one off” content. But 90% of your efforts should be on evergreen content.

We just need to get your evergreen content live— just go ahead and post it, even if imperfect– so we can more quickly find your “greatest hits”.