How I Grew Gavin Lira From 12 Followers to 18,000 Using the Dollar-a-Day Strategy

How I Grew Gavin Lira From 12 Followers to 18,000 Using the Dollar-a-Day Strategy

Wondering how some people rise above the noise and get a high following on their social media accounts? Let me show you how I grew Gavin Lira’s account from 12 followers to 18,000 using the “Facebook for a Dollar a Day strategy.”

How did I do it?

I used the Dollar-a-Day strategy to boost his best tweets. I boosted any tweet that I felt had a lot of value for his core audience for $1 a day, just to generate engagement.

He was in Pakistan speaking at a conference, so I boosted his video to the attendees there. On Twitter, people follow what’s popular. So, I shared crowds following him plus shots with well-known people.

When you start to go viral, you can rely just on organic growth. But to get the initial conversations going, I had to spend $70 to boost 10 tweets for $7 each over a week. I boosted 10 tweets because I wanted to let the algorithm tell me which ones are winners since we are always wrong as humans.

Your audience wants to relive highlights, so boost those.

Who would have thought that this picture with @darrylleeisaacs would get a lot of personal injury attorneys following him?

How do you know you have a winner?

Tweets that got over 20% engagement are winners— meaning 2 in 10 people clicked on it, viewed his profile, commented, etc. Normally, he got 2-3% engagement, which is why I needed to tweet 100 times to find approximately 10 winners.

This is his best post, getting penny engagements, and 5% of people who saw it followed him. @sunnyaliEC is the most loved entrepreneur in Pakistan.

I’ll bet you have dozens of pictures on your phone with someone well-known, where you can honor them with gratitude. The most connected people in any industry are the conference organizers— honor them!

The Misconception

Some people think Twitter is only text. But his videos often get over 50% of people stopping to watch. And then when I boost, my cost-per-view is fractions of a penny.

I literally grab pictures and videos straight from my camera roll. For example, this book was given to him by @kfreberg–the #1 PR professor in the US. I tagged her and boosted it to her followers- super relevant for both of them.

It’s just as hard to go from 10 followers to 100 followers as it is to go from 1,000 to 10,000. Use $1 a day to speed up the beginning of that curve. Promote a friend’s company like @blusharkdigital so they share your posts.

Watching the magic of the Dollar-a-Day strategy unfold

A week later, he hit 15,000 followers and also got a blue check. This increased his engagement rate by 30%–more trust. If a post would have gotten 100 likes, he’d get 130 likes.

Unlike other networks, no extra cost to post a pic.

I also found content that worked elsewhere and repurposed it into Twitter. Reddit is my favorite source, followed by blog posts he’s written, snappy things I overhear friends say, and Facebook. Build threads like this to stack engagement.

Dollar-a-Day works wonders!

I invented the Dollar-a-Day strategy 15 years ago and works on all social networks.

Dollar a Day Strategy

You might say it’s like “throwing raw meat to the dogs,” which is partly true. Yes, I’ve shared posts that received a lot of attention (for example, 1,000 likes on a post honoring freelancer friends in Pakistan), but if I didn’t also tie these posts to his expertise, his followers would be low-quality and random.

I used high-engagement posts to break through the noise, allowing people to see that his expertise is worth looking at and listening to.

It is a relationship-building strategy called FGF— Find, Give, Friend.

You may be posting really good tweets, but when you have no followers, nobody will see your stuff!

Check out where Gavin is now!

If you haven’t leveraged the power of the strategy yet, here is the Facebook for a Dollar-a-Day Strategy course that will help you get started! Also, you may want to take a look at The Magic of $1 a day on Twitter – Start Using This Immediately!

When wrongdoing catches up with you

Unfortunately, he failed to take care of what I had built for him because of unacceptable business practices. If you’d like to know more about that, read the two articles below.

Empathy Firm: Gavin Lira and Grant Lira Boast How They Run a Fake PR Agency

Fake PR Agency CEOs Ulyses Osuna, and Gavin Lira, Under Investigation

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A Simple Trick to Leverage Social Media for Marketing

You will be dead wrong if you think you need a zillion followers and a blue check mark to get crazy good results on social media.

Twitter is the most powerful PR channel if you know how to use it.

For example, this account had only 175 followers but over 7,000 profile visits last month, and that too without running ads.

the secret to improving results
simple trick

The trick?

Create engagement by posting thoughtfully and commenting on posts from others in your industry.

David Meerman Scott is the best-selling author of ‘The New Rules of Marketing and PR.’

A comment on his tweet got a reply from him, which builds Gavin Lira’s audience and exposure to David’s audience.

Since Gavin runs a PR agency, engagement with a top PR expert helps build his brand.

So stop mass-blasting on social and start thoughtfully engaging in two-way conversations.

If you’re not getting exposure or people are not looking at your profile on Twitter, now you know what you’re doing wrong.

I would love to know what your thoughts are about this idea. Let me know in the comments.

Want to be seen a LOT more?

Want to be seen a LOT more?

Start posting on LinkedIn, where there is limited competition.

This post had only 3,000 impressions after the first 4 hours, meaning it would be almost done if it were on Facebook.

But a day later and it’s still picking up steam, which is normal for LinkedIn.

Even on a low-engagement post.

It could go double or triple this over the next week, if I comment back— all organic.

No extra effort on your part— hire a VA to cross-post to your other channels, including your blog.

If you want to learn the paid side of LinkedIn, follow AJ Wilcox, who is the world’s #1 expert on LinkedIn ads.

Guys want to know my secret to high post engagement?

Guys want to know my secret to high post engagement?

Instead of making broad generalizations, using big numbers, or saying many things, start off your post with just ONE SPECIFIC STORY.

For example, instead of mentioning how over 1,000 people signed up for training last week or how we have so many courses, I focused on…

…just one friend, Ali–how he lost his job and has 5 kids to feed.

From that SPECIFIC STORY, I then mention how I FELT (to show empathy) and then the ACTION (that I offered him free training).

See how this comes off so differently than most marketers out there?

Focus on the apple, not the orchard– is how my friend explained it to me.

Ready to give this a shot?

What do you think?

40000 views on LinkedIn from this post

All are organic and it will grow to 100,000 over the next 7 days, since LinkedIn posts last a week if you continue to engage on them.

Facebook is so competitive and Twitter posts last only 30 minutes.

Tell vulnerable stories, friends.

Just one quick moment in your life and then the lesson. Don’t sell and don’t preach.

High Engagement

73 people reached, but 74 engagements– how is this possible?

Look closely and you’ll see 25+ photos in this post.

When you post an album, people who click on one of the photos will typically continue to click on 5-6 more photos in that album.

So while technically this is a 100% engagement rate, Facebook’s algorithm knows this behavior.

It’s not going to count like 100 likes– more like 3-4 of them.

And there are only a few likes on this post, meaning we had people who were curious to look, but not motivated enough to say something that their friends could see.

Key learnings:

+ Don’t be fooled by “high engagement”.
+ Value all engagement, but especially comments and shares.
+ If it’s working well organically, boost it– and even cross-post to LinkedIn and your blog for more algo love.