What converts best: Facebook or LinkedIn? Here are the results…

Interestingly, Facebook mobile converts slightly better than desktop newsfeed, but it depends on the product you’re selling, the content you’re promoting, and how much you’re asking for on the landing page.
The right-hand side ads fared poorly here but delivered the most clicks and the highest share of new visitors. Of course, new visitors convert at a lower rate than retargeting traffic. So make sure you’re apples-to-apples.
Will the new RHS ad format convert better, as opposed to only delivering a higher CTR?
LinkedIn converts 70% better than Facebook, but the traffic costs 4 times as much.  Once they’re a lead, the conversion rates are similar, largely because we use ad copy that qualifies leads.
Some B2B players say that Facebook is for generating awareness (top of the funnel), since they have the greatest reach, while LinkedIn is for converting.  I’d say that was true a year ago, but not anymore because of website custom audiences and email custom audiences. The new workplace targeting options help mid-funnel activity, too.
So the question is not “Is Facebook better than LinkedIn?”
Rather, keep the highest-performing segments from both networks. If you can spare the effort to run campaigns on both networks, it’s well worth your time.
Your own results will vary, so test it on your own data and let us know!

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